We are the fund for and by peers. 

We are your peers. And you’ll never walk alone, we promise!

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Or as we like to call it, PeerX.

Led by a triad with experience across entrepreneurship, venture investing, consumer internet, mergers and acquisitions, and startups to scaleups.

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"Having high-energy and hands-on early believers like PeerCapital is a huge advantage in our corner."

Garima Luthra & Pranav Arora
Co-Founders, Vaaree

"Having high-energy and hands-on early believers like PeerCapital is a huge advantage in my corner."

Garima Luthra & Pranav Arora
Founder, Vaaree

"PeerCapital has the audacity to dream big with founders because of their sharp understanding of the Indian and global markets. They saw the potential in non-English speakers being able to express themselves online and reach their own language communities, and have been an early enabler."

Aprameya Radhakrishna
Co Founder and CEO, Koo

"Growth pangs of founders are very real, especially for first-time founders like us. PeerCapital's proactive and collaborative approach, and their extended network that accelerates our journey and treats us on par with experienced founders, is extremely encouraging!"

Abhishek Singh & Chetan Garg
Founder, Apna Mart
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#FinTech #Health-Tech
#Consumer-Tech Enablers

Upto $2M cheque sizes.

Made-in-India solutions for India. For Bharat. For the world.

Resilient, agile founders who are looking for peers.

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Companies focused on Bharat
Companies led by women
Companies building in India for the world
Companies based in non-metro cities

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